AVE MARIA (Flex 7 Soloist)

AVE MARIA (Flex 7 Soloist)

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Franz Schubert was born in Lichtental, Austria in 1797 and was 28 when he composed the Ave Maria about year 1825. The original text that was set to the song is taken from the poem 'The Lady of the Lake' by Sir Walter Scott in which the heroine, Ellen Douglas, is in hiding and prays to the Virgin Mary. The music is touching and beautiful and has affected audiences around the world from day one. Franz Schubert died in Vienna, only 31 years old. Soloist options: Alto Sax; Bb clarinet; Flute; Marimba/Xylophone; Horn in Eb/F; Oboe; Bb trumpet/cornet; Euphonium TC. Playable by 7 performers and upwards. Provides a fuller sound than the Flex 5 as there are two additional parts for treble instruments. In addition to brass and woodwind parts, each title includes a simplified treble clef part for the beginning musician, plus optional parts for Bass Guitar (inc. chord symbols) and Percussion. The arrangements in this series will produce a rich sound for your ensemble. The Flex 7 Soloist titles, also include a vocal/instrumental solo parts.

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