Excellence in Chamber Music Book 2 (Bb Bass)

Excellence in Chamber Music Book 2 (Bb Bass)

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Tradition of Excellence: Excellence in Chamber Music is a collection of flexibly scored ensembles— perfect for festivals, fall or spring concerts, summer camps, or ensemble practice. All fifteen songs are arranged for any combination of band instruments, from solo to small ensemble to full concert band. The arrangements are written in 3 parts (A, B and C). The A part is the melody lin, the B part is the harmony line and the C part is a bass line. By mixing and matching these parts, each arrangement can be performed in an unlimited number of ways - A as a solo, A and B as a duet or A, B and C as a trio. If more than one instrument plays the A, B or C part, the arrangements can be performed as quartets, quintets, larger ensembles, percussion ensembles or evern by a full concert band. You can also add the Piano/Guitar Accompaniment to any combination to further enhance your performance. Includes: Still, Still, Still; Minuet; This Train; Battle Pavane; The Galway Piper; Theme from Renaissance Festival and Dances; Blow Away the Morning Dew; Procession of the Nobles; Cindy; Water Come a Me Eye; March of the Toreadors from Carmen; Lisbon Bay; Evening Hymn from Hansel and Gretel; When Johnny Comes Marching Home; The British Grenadiers.

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